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Just Click on it it will take you to an excellent web site on Dr. Ramesh Prasad Mohapatra (Dr. R.P. Mohapatra) and his unstinting dedication for enriching and popularising Orissan Art, Archaeology, History, Culture, and Religion. His Collection of Antiquities and rare archaeological artefacts proudly displayed in Orissa State Museum (OSM) Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India is an eye opener for outsiders as well as insiders. His Magnificent volumes, rather better be acknowledged as magnum opus, on Orissan Art, Archaeology, Cultural History, Military History, History and religion based on creative and pain staking research regarded as pioneering effort in poularising true Orissan grandeour.....

Dr. R. P. Mohapatra was a distinctive breed very intellectual, disdainful of lesser intellects, introverted, detached, controlled.

His absolute commitment to excellence and his unstinting dedication to the cause of Archaeology, History, Art, Architecture, Culture and Religion has set standard by which the new generation of Scholars will measure themselves.

As a Colleague, as a Leader, as a mentor and a friend to the most talented people in our world, He will be greatly missed.

Contribution of Dr. Ramesh Prasad Mohapatra To The Study of Orissan History, Culture, Art and Archaeology